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hydra_ccc was founded 2015 in germany, on planet earth, by independent artists.

in unity we thrive
rules will be defied
we choose to feed the light
til truth will be in sight

the outward appearance is an expression of the internal state. that's why we aim to provide suitable attire for the young-spirited freedom chasers, dream evokers, source channelers and tribe builders.

the three-headed hydra is a symbol. as individual minds with aligned hopes and wishes, untethered from time and space, we move as one body on a grander scale of things. the head in the middle (the source) is undying, and for every head (idea bearer) lost, two more will grow.

join us to harmonize with the cosmos, curve the darkness, nurture the light, and manifest the future that our souls are drawn towards.




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🚨 WICHTIG: CCCEASON ist eine Vorbestell-Aktion! Die Kleidung wird erst nach dem Ende der 9 Tägigen
Vorbestellungsphase produziert und braucht dann ca. 15 Wochen um bei euch anzukommen! 🚨

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